Who We Are

BRINGL!FE to our customers through the service we provide


Company History

James D. Lynch, III, started our company with a pickup truck, one mower, and a dedication to excellence. After two years, Jim ventured into commercial accounts, providing services for Homeowner Associations and JPL Cares was incorporated in 1995.

Our Philosophy

Through the years JPL Cares has fought to support principles that ought to be the standard. Honesty, integrity, trust and hard work to name a few. The "CARES" in our name are not just letters on a brand made to give our network a feel good. CARES is an outward expression of our inward desire to satisfy our customer and employee relationships. It is a method of problem-solving and it is the heart of who we are.

Our staff

Our team is a well-versed and incredibly experienced group of people who are always dedicated to your projects. Our standards that we work by are communication, assessment, reality, and excellence. Those core values allow us to carry out successful relationships and high-quality projects.