A message from our owner:

JPL Cares started back in 1995 when I, Jim Lynch, sought to build a financial life to support my family who had just birthed a special needs child with Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC) (tscalliance.org).  Haley 20 years old, and grown now, is in her own home with full time care, but her life has been a journey.  Much like any company, Haley’s life has been plagued with many number of tragedies and triumphs, but she is still kicking and so are we. We almost lost her a few times along the way, but her spirit is an inspiration to me and it lives in the heart of our humble company. Our cause as a company is to provide the best service possible to our customers so we can give to those who are less fortunate. Haley is my number one customer, but she taught me how to CARE and that’s what JPL is about! This rings true in our motto, “BRINGL!FE to our customers through the service we provide!” It’s funny, we have come so far, but we have so much more we have to do before this life is over.  JPL Cares honors Haley by continuing to BRINGL!FE to our customers through the service we provide, but it definitely does not stop there.  As a company we support World Vision, Compassion International, Barnabas International, The Global Food Exchange, Red Rocks Church, and Cottonwood Community Alternatives, the organization that currently supports our little inspiration (Miss Haley J).  JPL has also sponsored the Step Forward, a Tuberous Sclerosis Walk, raising over $200K for the organization, and we are always looking for those less fortunate in need of help. Last year we were able to help another family, the Rocky Mountain Region's TSC Chairman, with a full landscape makeover. We hope to help you in any way possible!


At JPL Cares, we listen to our customer's needs and expectations.  We keep them informed of scheduling and project implementation as well as any issues that arise and our proposed solutions.


We use our years of experience and vast knowledge of the industry to provide each customer with a customized maintenance program for their site.  We monitor and evaluate the success of the program on a regular basis, making improvements or adjustments as needed.


We strive to understand the reality that faces each customer - the need to keep a well-maintained site and work within a budget, to have issues and concerns addressed and dealt with in a timely manner and to keep both the tenants and the owners satisfied.


We not only use the latest technology to provide the best service, our staff is dedicated to hard work and trained to work efficiently without sacrificing quality.