Enhancement Work

Our typical Enhancement Work project will involve recognizing something on a property that is in need of maintenance- the irrigation may need an update, a retaining wall may be falling down, a waterfall is malfunctioning, a truck could have run over the grass on an entry, the detention pond is over grown and needs to be mucked out or cleared of debris, or maybe a storm brought down some trees.

The property may be dated or in disrepair and in need of a renovation- tree replacement, new plant materials like trees, shrubs, perennial or annual flowers for more color, xeriscaping, irrigation upgrade to two wire system, or an ET water system like weatherTRAK.

Perhaps the property needs a refreshment- Landscape fabric replacement and new ground cover, top covering mulch or rock beds, shrub pruning, leaf clean up, tree pruning over ten feet, mowing native fields, over seeding. Enhancement Work may also be services provided in an Landscape Maintenance contract, but a customer has decided to do an extra round. For instance: the standard Landscape Maintenance contract will have one aeration included.  If the customer requests, or we recommend an additional aeration, because of poor soil conditions, then that standard activity just became Enhancement Work.

Whatever the case, JPL Cares is on the job.  There are few things we have not done in our 25 years in Landscape Enhancement Work and we love what we do!  If you have an extra work project that needs attention, click on the free quote tab at the top right of Menu.