BRINGL!FE to our customers through the service we provide

Before we bid your work, we communicate about whether the property is a good fit for our company, and whether we are willing and able to commit to the property if we secure the contract. We know ahead of time if it is a good fit, so we can deliver on contract specifications, and maintain the integrity a customer expects from professionals.

When signing a contract with JPL Cares, you can rest assured that we understand what’s on the line. Our team is focused on delivering quality services that make our customers the HERO. JPL Cares customer retention rate has been over 90% for the last 5 years because our team wants to BRINGL!FE to our customers through the service we provide.  Our trademark is quality communication.  Many companies can cut your grass, but not every company values keeping their customers informed.  The JPL Cares difference is in the name: Communication, Assessment, Reality, Execute, Satisfaction.  Let us make you a HERO!


Our Certifications



We have been ASM certified Since 2010.

ISO certification

We have been certified in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since 2009.
OSHA Certification

OSHA Certification

Since 2011, we also have the certification for OHSAS 18001.