Anything that has life requires water and for landscapes in Colorado it’s no different. Every tree, shrub, flower, and blade of grass requires a specific amount of water to live a vigorous life and a customer deserves to know whether their valuable landscape asset is getting what it needs. Our partners in irrigation, Denver Brass Company and CPS, help us to stay trained in the latest technology by providing on site training multiple times a year. Our staff regularly learns best practice for irrigation in Colorado’s environment and the micro-climates that exist from county to county.  We are always certified by the counties that require special licensing. We have experience with two wire systems, HydroPoint ET and Weather TRAK Pro3. We provide irrigation mapping, and provide the property liaison with current watering schedule so our customers can see what they are getting ahead of time. There are no secrets in our invoicing either, we notate the vitals, the when, where, and why, because we want our customers to be in the know. We can manage the irrigation through online monitoring, budgeting and reporting for our customers.

Just because the grass is green does not mean the irrigation system is working as it should.  Many will over-water turf grass to make the drive by manager happy, but a deeper look can expose big problems for trees and shrubs. Water budgets are critical as well. Drought conditions are plaguing the mountains and plains of Colorado; surcharges for extreme water usage will continue to increase in cost for this essential resource. Our company understands when there are restrictions in our region, and our irrigation team works hard to adjust your systems to avoid fines, stay within watering budgets, and keep the properties healthy.

Irrigation maintenance is very demanding- we understand that demand.  Whether you need: routine maintenance, a new irrigation system, an audit on your current usage, a renovation of your existing irrigation system, or an update to an ET system for real time monitoring, call JPL Cares about water usage. Let us BRINGL!FE to your property by providing what it needs.